The Beer List: Victory Golden Monkey


Happy Sunday from the land of hops and suds known as The Beer List here at The No Seatbelt Blog! Here we go…

All the way from the magical land of Pennsylvania comes a Belgian tripel ale that will knock your socks and your taste buds off, and it goes by the mighty name of Golden Monkey. Victory Brewing, located in Downingtown, has been pumping out this strong but delicious triple ale for nearly two decades, and it’s no wonder why it has such staying power. Golden Monkey (with a name like that, how could you not try it?) offers a broad palate of tastes and a very high alcohol content typically associated with this type of beer. I first tried this beer at one of my favorite bars, The Shore House in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. I saw it up on the beer board, and my curiosity was sparked by the name and the 9.5% ABV level. I had to try it, and it was awesome upon first sip.

The beer serves up the taste of Belgian yeast, banana, citrus fruits, spices such as coriander, and for me, the taste of apple was very prominent. Golden Monkey is a well-built beer that confidently pulls off a balancing act between those components, and is topped off with perfect carbonation. The taste of hops is definitely there, but not with the force you would expect from a triple with this level of alcohol content. That’s the part that can get you in trouble – this brew goes down very easy, without a sharp sting of alcohol that normally keeps you wary and limiting yourself. You’ll start to feel it as you go through your first one, so take it slow. The varied tastes will jump out at you more anyway, as the beer warms a bit. Interestingly, Victory Brewing recommends pairing this beer with sheep’s milk cheeses and seafood. I can’t say I’ve ever had the former, but you don’t have to ask me twice to eat the latter, any time, for any reason.

Golden Monkey is a thoroughly enjoyable beer that you can find all year at your local booze joint. Drink it slowly, and savor the flavors that it contains – fruit, spice and all. Hey, maybe even pick up some sheep’s milk cheese! Another week has concluded, and another awesome brew has been given the spotlight here at The No Seatbelt Blog. See you next weekend for another rundown on a great beer! Bottoms up!


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