The Only Podcast That Matters


Once upon a time, four friends got together every Wednesday night to make a huge dinner, and make fun of each other. Somewhere along the line, they decided to start recording the ridiculous, side-splitting conversations they would have over their repast. They went out and bought a small mixing board and a few microphones and started doing a weekly hour-long podcast, discussing life, love, food, sex, sports (begrudgingly), movies, music, toys, and so much more. The fearsome foursome brought on a load of guest contributors for their show along the way, for some fresh voices and fresh perspectives, and incidentally, tons of laughs. The Only Podcast That Matters, as it was so arrogantly (yet aptly) named, has been going for four years, and will be going on an indefinite hiatus after its 200th episode in December 2014. The website will remain live for any fans to check out the shows, blogs and videos we have done. To everyone that has listened, laughed and supported us over the years, Andrew, Chris, Jack, and myself thank you all sincerely.

Chris Aballo’s Podcast Experiment



Chris, my friend, fellow podcaster, and California/New Jersey back-and-forth transplant, has started his own solo project by the name of Chris Aballo’s Podcast Experiment. Listen as Chris talks of life, the entertainment industry, the many things that annoy him on a day-to-day basis (a man after my own heart), and much more. Chris’ site also features a blog and his very own Summer Music Diary, where he relates songs to certain times in his life, in sparkling detail. Chris enjoys music, being contrary to the rest of the world, just about anything organic, wearing boots (all summer), and the language of sarcasm (which he learned before he really even fully learned to speak English).

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