Funko Friday: Spider-Man


Funko Friday is back at The No Seatbelt Blog, casting a spotlight on one of my favorite superheroes of all-time, Spider-man! I have always loved Spidey (and have had to put aside my abiding hatred for actual spiders), and since Marvel has brought him to the big-screen over the past decade, that love has only grown. When geeky, science-obsessed teen Peter Parker gets bitten by a radioactive spider, he is blessed with superhuman strength and the desire to rid New York City of crime. 

The first set of Spider-Man movies featuring Tobey Maguire as the title character were good (well, the first two were…), but when the revision came around pitting Andrew Garfield against evil forces in the city in The Amazing Spider-Man, my faith was renewed immediately. Garfield was perfect as Peter Parker, right down to the stuttering and awkward charm as he tried to court the lovely Gwen Stacy, and was equally perfect when he put on the mask and spandex, swinging around the city to take out the trash. Garfield lasted for two movies, and Marvel is rebooting the character once again, this time with newcomer Tom Holland, who will play the character in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War (Holland is actually a teenager…playing a teenager! Fancy that).

The Pop! vinyl doll featured here was released by Funko to coincide with The Amazing Spider-Man as it hit theaters, modeling it after Garfield’s suit. The traditional red and blue spandex remains, and an updated version of the Spider-Man logo is emblazoned on the figure’s chest. On this figure, as opposed to the previous version of the Spidey Pop! doll, the eyes are now shiny yellow with black borders, as they are in the movie. Also, this Spider-Man Pop! doll is one of the select figures from Funko that is actually a bobble-head.

That does it for another week of Funko Friday here at The No Seatbelt Blog. Have you caught the Funko bug? Do you collect other toys? Feel free to leave a comment or share pictures of your collection with me! Until next week, keep calm and collect on!


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