Funko Friday: Deadpool


This week on Funko Friday, I’m finally welcoming my very first Deadpool figure into my varied collection of Funko’s Pop! dolls. I’ll be honest if it weren’t for my nerdy compadre Cory, who is a Deadpool superfan, I would likely have been oblivious to the character’s existence until the movie came out. And what a movie that was. Played PERFECTLY by Ryan Reynolds, the “merc-with-a-mouth” slayed audiences, myself happily included, with a full-throttle ride full of blood, guts, unbridled profanity, and even a mushy love story. Reynolds proclaimed that he waited over ten years to make this movie, and just to prove a point to that end, reportedly stole the character’s trademark suit from the set. I’ve spent over three decades on this earth, and I can say with confidence that I have never seen a marketing campaign for a movie quite like the one that preceded the release of Deadpool. All of the little commercials and various Internet spots that popped up could have been a movie unto themselves.

This Deadpool Pop! is one of many variants of the character churned out by Funko, which also include fun versions such as Bath Time Deadpool, Pirate Deadpool, and Chef Deadpool, all of which I will now begin to collect. My first was courtesy of Marvel Collector Corps, the studio’s collaboration with Funko that themed its bi-monthly crate of nerdy awesomeness around Deadpool for the month of February. This Collector Corps-exclusive variant is one of the actual bobbleheads, and has Deadpool in sort of an action-shot, mid-jump, hence the need for the stand upon which he is perched. Deadpool is complete with his patented suit, which covers his fully-mutilated skin (the result of an experiment that left him hideously-scarred, but with regenerative powers), and his dual swords.

I have Marvel and Funko to thank for this awesome start to my future collection of Deadpool figures, as I am completely sold on the character. This series will continue here at The No Seatbelt Blog on Fridays (it’s been every other Friday as of late – work and school have unfortunately cut into my writing time). Until next time, it’s time to make the chimi-fuckin-changas!


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