The Beer List: La Fin du Monde


The great Red Forman once said in an episode of That 70’s Show that “the French should stick to what they’re good at – making bread and losing wars.” It turns out that their Canadian brethren at Unibroue Brewing prove that they’re good at more than that with their impressively delicious beer called La Fin du Monde, which quite literally means “the end of the world.”

This beer hits you in the face from all angels and doesn’t let up. And did I mention that it’s delicious? The morbidly-titled tripel throws some apricot at you, yeast, and plenty of spice for a balanced triple-threat. The carbonation is lively, keeping you awake as the whopping 9% ABV tries to put you to sleep. I had it for the first time a few weeks back at a new local bar that had a monster selection of craft brews, and was instantly taken by this all-around great beer.

This one is a MUST for any craft beer lover. Luckily, you can find it all year long, in a nice big bottle (one of which I ran out and picked up to review for this blog). Everything about this beer is beautiful – the taste, the fizz, even the color. You can tell that it was made with love – no terrible, artificial aftertaste. Come for the apricot, stay for the spice on the backend. Take it slow (with an ABV that nears double-digits, you’d be wise to heed my warning on that). Go out and get this one right now, and take it all in. Look it up on Beer Advocate, and you’ll find that it’s one of the highest-rated beers on the site, and for good reason.

That does it for another edition of The Beer List. Another day, another brew. Until next week, bottoms up!

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