Funko Friday: I Am Groot!

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Groot is perhaps the most lovable member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, a group of intergalactic troublemakers who nobody but the most seasoned Marvel comic book geeks had ever heard of before the movie came out. This big, dumb tree, voiced by none other than Vin Diesel in the film, only says “I am Groot!” throughout, with only his buddy Rocket Raccoon being able to understand him, knowing that each time he says it, it means something different. It’s quite entertaining to watch Rocket translate and then respond to the same declaration again and again, and the gag is used just enough to not be annoying. 

Since Groot is everyone’s favorite character from Guardians, with maybe only Rocket giving him a run for his money, it’s only fitting that Funko has already put out several different versions of his Pop!, including the potted Baby Groot (which I have and will feature in a future Funko Friday edition), a Lootcrate exclusive version, and a holiday-themed Baby Groot in the pot. Speaking of money, the Groot Pop! featured here initially came out at the standard price, which is somewhere between $8 and $10, but very soon after that, it was being sold on Amazon for over $30. Eventually, the price dropped back down and I picked him up for about $10. Unlike many others in this line with oversized heads and small bodies, the Groot Pop! is actually a bobble-head figure. Considering the small stature and minimalist design of most of Funko’s Pop! vinyl dolls, the detail on this one is actually fairly impressive.

If you missed last week’s Funko Friday featuring Heisenberg from AMC’s insanely popular former TV show Breaking Bad, you can check it out here. Stay tuned for a new entry next week!

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