A Very Late-To-The-Party Review: Dollar Shave Club


Just about everyone has to shave hair off of some part of their body, and do so regularly enough, I’m sure, to have realized that razor cartridges are one of the most inexplicably expensive products on the face of the Earth. I don’t know if companies that make shaving products are digging down to Middle Earth to find the metal for their razor blades, or if they’re extracting it from the bones of some mythical creature, but something is amiss when supermarkets have to lock up razor cartridges in those infuriating plastic lock boxes that seem to baffle cashiers at the register no matter where you go. If the good shavers of the world are resorting to theft of these insanely overpriced necessities, or are at least thinking about it, then something in the industry has to change, and someone has to lead the charge.

That’s where Dollar Shave Club comes in. Just a few years ago, the company made huge waves on the Internet, and caught the attention of shavers everywhere with an incredibly successful (and funny) viral marketing campaign. I don’t know about you, but when I heard the line “our blades are fucking great!”, and that said blades could be shipped right to my door, starting at just a dollar a month, I was more than sold. Dollar Shave Club offers three levels of razor cartridges, which vary in the number of blades present, and accordingly, in price. The first, called The Humble Twin, is a two-blade cartridge, which costs just a buck a month (plus $2 in shipping). The second and middle option, known as the 4K or Lover’s Blade, is a four-blade razor that is the company’s most popular. Finally, the Executive is a six-blade beast with a special trimmer edge and a lubricating strip, and runs at $9 a month including shipping.


I opted for the 4X, which costs only $6 a month, shipping included. Your first shipment after you subscribe will include a handle, and four cartridges (five for The Humble Twin). While the company’s products have been reviewed endlessly, and many have said that the blades provide for an inferior shave to the egregiously pricey ones, they’ve done more than an adequate job for me over the past couple years. I don’t shave very often, because frankly, it’s a hassle for me. I maintain a beard and only shave my neck and cheeks (the ones on my face, before you ask). With the 4X, I’ve noticed no discernible difference in the quality of shave in relation to the much more costly Gillette Fusion or ProGlide razors that I used to employ. I have sensitive skin, and am prone to cuts and razor bumps, and I’ve experienced remarkably few cuts and no painful bumps with The 4X from Dollar Shave Club. Once the blades started to stack up at my house, I started using each cartridge once, maybe twice before tossing it, thus avoiding the aforementioned skin irritations, and enabling me to go through the stockpile a bit faster. For those like me who don’t shave everyday, you can switch to a bi-monthly subscription, which I recently opted to do.

Another Dollar Shave Club product that I have used are the One-Wipe Charlies, which are soothing and refreshing wipes that you can use to clean up your “areas” after you’ve done your business in the bathroom. With a peppermint scent, the wipes give you a minty tingle when you’re all clean. I must say, they are delightful. Once upon a time, Dollar Shave Club sent me a small sample of their Dr. Carver’s Easy Shave Butter in one of my deliveries, so I gave it a shot. It caught me off guard on that first try, as it does not lather at all. However, it did provide for quite a nice shave. Ever since Bath and Body Works discontinued their men’s line of Signature shaving creams and aftershaves (which I will never fully forgive them for), I had been searching for another set of shaving products that I could enjoy that much. I tried a few other shaving creams that were passable at best, and finally decided to order a bottle of the Easy Shave Butter.




That order ties in with a situation that will allow me to review the company’s customer service, and my first actual need to contact the company. On a Thursday late in July, I had received notification that my package had shipped, which included my bi-monthly set of cartridges, and the Easy Shave Butter. On that day, the tracking information indicated that my package was currently in Secaucus, NJ. I live in Toms River, and whenever I order anything online, once I see that my package is at that location, I normally get it the next day. By the following Thursday, I hadn’t received my delivery, and the shipping information on my package hadn’t even been updated, so I found a phone number for the company and called them up. The phone system forces you to leave a message, and I was admittedly annoyed with that at first, because I just wanted to speak to a person. Nonetheless, I left the message and explained the situation. To my surprise, within an hour, I received an email from an actual person by the name of Gaby, and she let me know that there was an error in the shipping and that she was reshipping my package right away. I was impressed by the speed of the response and the handling of my issue, so thank you Gaby! All in all, I’m a happy Dollar Shave Club customer, as their products and service save me a ton of money, and trips to the store to watch a befuddled cashier struggle to unlock my cartridges from their stupid plastic prison. I would recommend Dollar Shave Club to anyone, man or woman (20% of the company’s customers are women!), who is tired of spending untold amounts of money on their blades. Sign up today!

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