A Very Late-To-The-Party Review: Dollar Shave Club


Just about everyone has to shave hair off of some part of their body, and do so regularly enough, I’m sure, to have realized that razor cartridges are one of the most inexplicably expensive products on the face of the Earth. I don’t know if companies that make shaving products are digging down to Middle Earth to find the metal for their razor blades, or if they’re extracting it from the bones of some mythical creature, but something is amiss when supermarkets have to lock up razor cartridges in those infuriating plastic lock boxes that seem to baffle cashiers at the register no matter where you go. If the good shavers of the world are resorting to theft of these insanely overpriced necessities, or are at least thinking about it, then something in the industry has to change, and someone has to lead the charge. Continue reading