Walking In a Lego Wonderland


This week one year ago, Jenn’s parents took us down to Walt Disney World as a sort of engagement present, and before we even checked into the hotel, we went to one of the most amazing places I had ever seen or ever will again. I am obsessed with Legos, and jumped at the chance to visit Legoland. An ear-to-ear smile spread across my face as I approached the gate, and spent the rest of the day, jaw agape, snapping pictures, taking in the masterful creations upon which I would lay my eyes. Continue reading

Funko Friday: The Rocketeer


This week on Funko Friday, I honor one of my favorite Pop! dolls modeled after the title character from one of my favorite movies when I was a kid, The Rocketeer! The 1991 Disney classic features Billy Campbell as Cliff, an up-and-coming pilot who gets his hands on a prototype of a jetpack after being shot down in his plane and uses it to battle the Nazis in 1930’s Hollywood. All in a day’s work for Cliff, as he goes head-to-head with Neville Sinclair, a famous actor who is in league with the German baddies (played by Timothy Dalton, who is always a great villain), and tries to save his girlfriend and aspiring actress Jenny Blake (the lovely Jennifer Connelly) who often gets caught in the crossfire. Continue reading