The Toy Chest: Metals Die Cast Captain America and Iron Man


Being the toy fanatic that I am, I always love finding new lines to start collecting. Recently, in my Internet and social media stumblings, I came across a line of small collectible figures called Metals Die Cast by Jada Toys. The California-based company is well-known, I’ve learned, for their awesome die cast car models, which are a must for collectors who are into authentic, spot-on replicas of their favorite rides. 

I’m always scanning for toys and action figures to add to my ever-growing collection, whether it’s by following other collectors and companies on Twitter and Instagram, or simply being completely unable to enter a store that sells toys without making a beeline for that glorious aisle.

Unfortunately having to be an adult, I’m especially fond of toys that are gentle on my wallet, which is what drew me to the Metals Die Cast series. At a very reasonable price point of $9.99 for a 4-inch figure made entirely out of metal, these figures are highly-collectible. If Jada Toys broadens its selection in this line and gets the kind of licensing deals that Funko does, it might give that wildly successful company a run for its money in the market of inexpensive, comparatively inarticulate collectibles.

The first of this line that I was able to get my hands on are the Captain America and Iron Man figures from Captain America: Civil War, Marvel’s latest blockbuster movie. Pictured here in their packaging, which warns you that they’re heavy, Cap and Iron Man appear in their shiny, metallic glory, which is only amplified once unshackled from their twist ties and sprung from their cardboard prisons.


Iron Man stands, looking pissed, ready to blast his former (?) friend Captain America with some hand heat. There is not much articulation in these figures, but there’s not much you can expect in a toy that stands only 4 inches tall and sets you back but 10 bucks.


Captain America, pictured below, is clearly ready for a fight – fist clenched, ass-kicking boots strapped on, and trusty vibranium shield on his arm. Miniscule, but high-quality, I’m predicting that the Metals Die Cast series from Jada Toys is going to be a heavy-hitter for collectors who don’t have a ton of dispensible cash. They’re perfect for your desk at work, which is where mine may be going, or right alongside your current collection at home!


I picked up Captain America and Iron Man in my local Toys ‘R’ Us store, where I also found some from the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice line. Online, I have also spotted pictures of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters figures, but have yet to locate them for purchase.

Keep your eye out for these online and in your local toy retailers! Continue to check out “The Toy Chest” right here at The No Seatbelt Blog for more of my beloved collection of toys and action figures!

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