The Toy Chest: Metals Die Cast Captain America and Iron Man


Being the toy fanatic that I am, I always love finding new lines to start collecting. Recently, in my Internet and social media stumblings, I came across a line of small collectible figures called Metals Die Cast by Jada Toys. The California-based company is well-known, I’ve learned, for their awesome die cast car models, which are a must for collectors who are into authentic, spot-on replicas of their favorite rides.  Continue reading

The One That (Re)Started It All

Originally published on 8/28/14 at The Nerd In The Box (



One day, a few years ago, my future roommate and cohort Jack randomly surprised me with the toy pictured above, a set of Ghostbusters Minimates, by the company Diamond Select Toys. The two-pack features Courtroom Pete Venkman and the Washington Square Ghost, as seen in the movie Ghostbusters II. When I was a kid, I had tons of toys…everything from Ghostbusters, to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to Batman, to Transformers. Unfortunately, the vast majority of my collection was broken, lost, or thrown away by my parental units as I lost interest in it for the middle part of my life. Continue reading