Growing Up 90’s: Richard Marx- “Take This Heart”


“I’ve been where you are before
No one understands it more
You fear every step you take
So sure that your heart will break

It’s not how the story ends
You’ll be back on your feet again”

Although Richard Marx is mostly known for his monster power ballads and pop hits from the late 80’s, he was still churning out great music after the decade came to a close. To this day, Marx still writes music for himself, and for others, penning hit songs for other successful artists. What leads us to this week’s edition of Growing Up 90’s is “Take This Heart” from his album Rush Street, released in 1991. 

“Baby, this time
There ain’t nothing gonna take this heart away
No more goodbyes
There ain’t nothing gonna take my heart away”

I have fond memories of this song, particularly from watching the music video whenever I could catch it. The video is centered around baseball, featuring Marx and his band performing the song on the old diamond, complete with cuts to Marx playing for the Chicago Cubs against the Oakland Athletics in a dream sequence, and that half of the video is loaded with cameos from baseball players. Pitcher Dennis Eckersly, base-stealer extraordinaire Rickey Henderson and slugger Jose Canseco all appear, and everybody’s favorite announcer Bob Uecker calls the plays!

“The pain’s still alive in you
For what one man put you through
You say that we’re all the same
But I’m called by no other name”

Marx has always had quite the knack for writing catchy rock songs, and this one is no exception. Bright and fun musically, “Take This Heart” is loaded with lively play, full to the brim with guitar noodling, keyboards, and Marx’s unmistakable vocals. Catchy, fun contemporary rock with the 90’s feel written all over it.

“Don’t keep the dream in you locked outside your door
Just believe in this love
And don’t be afraid anymore

I need you to please be strong
I’ve waited for you too long”

Lyrically, the song is uplifting and hopeful, relating that past pain should not keep you from moving forward in life, finding love again, and giving in to what could be a new beginning. “Take This Heart” is pure 90’s gold, one of my favorite songs from Marx’s sizable catalog, and comes complete with a fantastic music video to boot. Said video is posted below for your enjoyment.

Thanks, once again for stopping by at The No Seatbelt Blog for more words on the great things in life. It will all keep coming, so check in often!

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