The Beer List: Golden Road 329 Days of Sun Lager

20160118_133935 (1)

From the land of sunshine, silicone, and stardom comes another bubbly brew to be featured on The Beer List, right here at The No Seatbelt Blog! Courtesy of my friend, the left-coast-transplant Chris Aballo, Golden Road Brewing’s 329 Days of Sun Lager made the 3,000-mile trip from California to New Jersey for my drinking and blogging pleasure. The Los Angeles-based brewer has churned out a highly-drinkable and tasty beer with this bright lager, earning it a spot on my list of recommendations. 

The aptly-titled beer evokes images of summer days and Southern California’s abundant sunshine, and provides a cool and refreshing option for a warm spring or summer day when you’re looking to throw a few back before it’s 5 o’ clock where you are. Poured from a 12-ounce can, the beer is of a slightly cloudy yellow color, and if you try hard enough, it smells just a bit of yeast and citrus fruit. You have to give it a good sniff to pick any aromas up – this one doesn’t relinquish them easily.

The 329 Days of Sun Lager is thoroughly light – in color, in carbonation, and in alcohol content, hosting only a 4.8% ABV. As far as taste is concerned, it’s quite enjoyable. As a self-proclaimed (and accused) “beer snob,” I’m still known to imbibe some beers that are not necessarily considered by fellow snobs to be of the “craft” variety. Considering that, this beer is not outstanding, but it is above average as lagers go, has a light combination of citrus and hops to the taste, and is very drinkable.

According to Golden Road’s website, 329 Days of Sun Lager can be found all year round, and is one of the new kids on the block, with its first brewing in December of 2013. Nevermind the negative reviews that can be found on this beer – while it may not be the greatest beer you’ve ever tasted, this American Pale Lager is very good for the style of brewing, especially when compared to the other stuff in this vein that can be found out there. If you’re on the West Coast, or can otherwise get your hands on one of these, it’s more than worth a shot for a nice, easy drink.

You can find a new installment of The Beer List every Sunday at The No Seatbelt Blog! Cheers!

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