The Beer List: Victory Moon Glow


The Beer List is back this week at The No Seatbelt Blog with a review of a beer that I had for the first time a couple short weeks ago. The beer in question, that I spotted at my local liquor store, is Victory Brewing’s Moon Glow, which I had never seen before. The Victory catalog has done me well thus far, so their name alone holds quite a bit of currency when it comes to my incredibly indecisive nature when it comes to picking out a new beer to try.¬† Continue reading

The Beer List: Troegs Dream Weaver


Hello, friends, beer drinkers, and countrymen! Welcome to another Sunday beer session at The No Seatbelt Blog! For this entry on The Beer List, I’m reaching to my neighbor to the west, Pennsylvania’s proudly independent brewery Troegs, and their unfiltered wheat beer that goes by the name of Dream Weaver. I’ve had a few of their brews over the years, and I must say I was impressed by this one. For starters, wheat beers are almost always up my alley, and unfiltered is the way to go. In my not-so-humble opinion, if you want to remove character, taste, and decency from a beer, you filter it. If you can see right through your beer without much of a problem, you should be reaching for something better. Now, onto the good stuff… Continue reading

The Beer List: Golden Road 329 Days of Sun Lager

20160118_133935 (1)

From the land of sunshine, silicone, and stardom comes another bubbly brew to be featured on The Beer List, right here at The No Seatbelt Blog! Courtesy of my friend, the left-coast-transplant¬†Chris Aballo, Golden Road Brewing’s 329 Days of Sun Lager made the 3,000-mile trip from California to New Jersey for my drinking and blogging pleasure. The Los Angeles-based brewer has churned out a highly-drinkable and tasty beer with this bright lager, earning it a spot on my list of recommendations.¬† Continue reading