Growing Up 90’s: Veruca Salt- “Volcano Girls”


Volcano girls, we really can’t be beat

Warm us up and watch us blow

Now and then we fail and we admit defeat

We’re falling off

We are watered down and fully grown

At any given point, I’m of the opinion that badass girls are sorely underrepresented in rock and roll, but for the last few years of the 90’s, the ladies from Veruca Salt were doing their part to change that. Fronted by Nina Gordon and Louise Post, the band, named after a character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, had a fairly sizable hit on their hands with “Volcano Girls.” From the 1997 album Eight Arms to Hold You, the song is the epitome of fun, catchy rock music.

This is it, I’m giving up

I’m calling quits

So get down and meet me on the floor

Way to go, way to flip off everyone

I steal your thunder then I try to bolt

The band’s two leading ladies both sing and play guitar, which is awesome, as dual vocals and guitar layers add character to otherwise straightforward tunes. “Volcano Girls” is actually the second considerable hit for the band, and they even reference their first one, which goes by the name of “Seether,” which came from their 1994 record American Thighs, in this song.

I told you about the seether before

You know the one that’s neither or nor

Well here’s another clue if you please

The seether’s Louise

This reference is followed by a one, two, three count, and a “wow!” which might very well be the cutest scream I’ve ever heard. Catchy verses and choruses, big guitars (with an impressive solo) and an overall big sound make this song a rightful hit, and one that has been stuck in my memory for a long time.

I remember loving both the song and its accompanying music video when they came out nearly twenty years ago. The video features the band bouncing around, hoisted by what appear to be gigantic bungee cords, as they perform for a crowd which surrounds them. Care for a fun fact? Stacy Jones, who would go on front the band American Hi-Fi  (whose song “Flavor of the Weak” was a massive hit) just a couple years later filled in for the band on drums during the Eight Arms to Hold You tour.

That closes the book on another edition of “Growing Up 90’s” here at The No Seatbelt Blog. Another week, another memorable song, another throwback to a bygone decade. The rock continues next week, so stay tuned!



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