This Is 30

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I love Legos. I squeal with excitement whenever new sets come out, and much to my chagrin, that happens far more often than my wallet will allow. I get equal amounts of joy out of the building process and the finished product.

On my 30th birthday last year, I was surprised by my friends Andrew and Veronica, in the parking garage of the Borgata in Atlantic City, with the very gracious gift of The Palace Cinema Lego set, which I had been eying up for months.  The fellow in the blue hoodie there is Cory, my anime-watching, video game-playing, super-nerd of a friend and roommate who shakes his head in disdain and calls me a nerd whenever a box from Amazon shows up on the doorstep with my name on it, or whenever I come home with a new toy.  But it’s ok, we’re even.

Anyway, this Expert set is marked ages 16 and up, so luckily I was able to manage it. Ha.  Now, normally each numbered bag in a  Lego set corresponds to one specific section of the build, so you finish one bag before you move onto the next. With this set, you have to open every bag at once in order to find the pieces you need, every step of the way.  This was a bit of a daunting task with a roughly 2,200-piece set. It took me a couple days of session building to complete it, but the finished product is a beauty.  The ground floor consists of the ticket booths and a concession stand, surrounded on the outside by spotlights, movie posters, a limo, and a paparazzi photographer.  A spiral staircase leads upstairs to the theater, complete with an usher, seating, the film projector and screen. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to open the building up once it’s finished to reveal the indoor details, but it’s really cool to see as you’re building.  If you have enough light in the room you can peer in through the small windows and see what’s going on inside, but it’s rather difficult.

The theater currently takes up a large amount of real estate in one corner of my disorganized, in-progress clusterfuck of a Lego city that I am building. I will eventually post pictures of said city when it comes together a little more and doesn’t look like a demilitarized zone.

For now, here are some pictures of the finished Palace Cinema!

20140827_223843-168x300 cinema2 cinema3




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