Movie Trailer Madness


The trailers are a crucial and exciting part of the movie-going experience, getting you pumped up not only for the film you are about to see, but for upcoming flicks that they tease. I, for one, refuse to miss them when I go to the theater, as they often enough end up being better than the movie I’m actually there to see. They complete the experience, along with paying twenty bucks for popcorn that likely cost a dollar to make, and a bucket of soda that cost even less. If the theater is crowded enough, after each trailer you can see and hear fellow fans doing the same thing you are, which is turning to the person you’re there with, and shaking or nodding your head, and making some sort of comment about your level of approval between mouthfuls of popcorn.

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Review: Jurassic World


WARNING: Contains spoilers!

Twenty-two years after Jurassic Park was released, and after two disappointing and arguably unnecessary sequels, Jurassic World came roaring into theaters. That roar was a loud one, as this summer’s blockbuster raked in a whopping $208 million on its opening weekend, surpassing The Avengers (2012) for the biggest opening of all-time. More than two decades after the theme park on Isla Nublar, which was meant to dazzle tourists with close-up views of real-life dinosaurs, closed due to unforeseen tragedy, a new one was built right in its place. It seems that humans never learn. While the original Jurassic  films were adventurous and fun (mostly the first one), they served as a commentary on mankind’s continuous and ill-advised attempts to harness and control nature. Continue reading