5 Must-See TV Shows in 2016

Here at The No Seatbelt Blog, you’ve seen movie reviews, analyses, and recommendations aplenty, but I also watch more television than I care to admit. To break from the box office just a bit, I’m going to put five different television shows on your plate that you’d be remiss not to check out – some are old, some are new, and one is old and new again. Kick back, pick your poison, turn on the tube, and enjoy these essentials this year! Continue reading

Funko Friday: Daredevil


This week on Funko Friday, I introduce one of the newest additions to my collection of Pop! vinyl dolls, Daredevil! I picked up this Hot Topic-exclusive the other day at the mall, and I can’t say enough how impressed I am with the store’s ever-increasing selection of these great collectibles. Their enormous wall of Funko’s signature line of toys is the sole reason I would ever set foot in one of their stores these days, lest I be blinded by obnoxious pastels splattered all over everything.¬† Continue reading

Give Us Dirty Laundry


I make my living off the evening news/Just give me something- something I can use/People love it when you lose/They love dirty laundry

Every once in a while, I hear Don Henley’s hit song “Dirty Laundry” in my travels, and it makes me wonder how he feels about the state of the world these days. The song was released in 1982 on Henley’s first solo album¬†I Can’t Stand Still, and it laments sensationalism in the news and everybody’s abject obsession with the misery of other people. Things have certainly gotten worse in that respect over the past three decades, what with the Internet and 24-hour “news” networks that project disaster and despair on an endless loop. Continue reading