The Beer List: Hibernation Ale


Truth be told, dark beers are usually not in my wheelhouse. Once in a while the mood strikes for a good porter, but stouts are even more seldom given a second thought. However, when you’re enduring yet another miserable New Jersey winter and a beer by the name of Hibernation Ale comes along, it’s almost as if that beer understands exactly what you want to do until it’s time to bring out the flip-flops again. Continue reading

The Beer List: Sam Adams Pumpkin Batch


As far as I’m concerned, Sam Adams can really do no wrong. While a couple of their standards are not necessarily anything to write home about, I can’t say I’ve everĀ disliked one of their brews. The Boston-based brewery has the seasonal beer thing down to a science, releasing delightful variety packs for each time of year. Continue reading