The Beer List: Game of Thrones Iron Throne

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This week’s edition of The Beer List marks the return of The No Seatbelt Blog to its regularly-scheduled programming after a week-long hiatus, as the hustle and bustle of work, school and wedding planning consumed my free time and sanity. However, I’m back in action with another beer review, and this time Ommegang’s Iron Throne from its popular Game of Thrones-themed series of limited-run brews.  Continue reading

The Beer List: Ommegang Game of Thrones Valar Morghulis


Back in March of this year, Jenn and I received this Game of Thrones-themed beer as a gift at our engagement party, and last night, we finally cracked it open. We actually popped it open, as the bottled was corked instead of capped. In honor of the show that she loves and I have zero interest in ever watching (I just inadvertently found out what Valar Morghulis means in the context of the show – “all men must die”), we slowly sipped this dubbel ale that was brewed only once by the New York-based Ommegang  Brewery and then retired.  Continue reading