Ryan Remembers…Kuffs


In 1992, one of my favorite, little-known “buddy cop” movies was released, and it keeps me laughing to this day. Christian Slater plays the title character, George Kuffs, an immature, n’er-do-well screw-up who just got his girlfriend pregnant and is trying to squeeze his older brother for money so he can hit the South American gold rush that he insists is going on. His girlfriend is portrayed by a very young Milla Jovovich, and when I say young, I mean she was 15 during the filming. His brother Brad, (Bruce Boxleitner) is a “patrol special” in San Francisco, where there is no official police force and store owners pay ¬†law enforcement officers for protection in their given district. Of course, there is lots of badness going on in the streets- stores are being vandalized, shop owners are being threatened and extorted by thugs, and the people in Brad’s district are losing faith in him. Brad is offered a bribe by a criminal by the name of Kane, who asks him to look the other way while he and his cohorts tear up the town.

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