Death and Taxes: Part II

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Change is an unstoppable force that shifts our thoughts, actions, priorities, and traditions. Sometimes it energizes us, while other times, it inhibits us. Sometimes we can prepare for it, yet other times we cannot. One things we can always do is question it. People will always be curious as to why things evolve the way they do, on every level, from individual to mankind at large. Continue reading

Death and Taxes: Part IV

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Just when I thought I had run out of change, I dug into my pockets and found a lot more to put in your cup. This will be the fourth episode in this continuing series about the way things change in life, love, technology, music, and more. Technology is something that changes constantly, and changes us as well. It evolves the way we think, communicate, feel, and the things we are able to do. Language is something that is being broken down into more and more dialects, or just simply broken down due to these changes. Thanks to the massively popular social networking site Twitter, what we used to know as simply a “pound sign” has become a “hashtag”. The “red ring” used to be that mysterious tattle-tale that followed you around in the pools if you couldn’t hold your apple juice, but now it is known to be one of a video gamer’s worst nightmares. Any sort of typing that goes on anywhere on the Internet has begun to suffer at the hands of the youth. Continue reading

Death and Taxes: The Way the Game Changes

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Everybody faces changes, or sometimes a lack thereof, in this life. We’re not happy when things change, and we’re often equally dismayed when they don’t. Changes vary in magnitude, and the time it takes for them to occur. For example, a seemingly insignificant, quick change lies in the way a pair of socks never feels the same the second time you put them on as they did upon first wear. Other circumstances evolve over the course of decades, and have much more impact on individuals and an economy at large. There was a time when a college degree gave you an advantage over the rest, but in the new millennium, it’s the equivalent of a high school diploma, Continue reading

Death and Taxes: Part III

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One of the most epic battles in life is that between the individual’s wish to remain a creature of habit, to maintain the status quo, and their yearning to explore, change, and mix things up a bit. We all want some things to stay the same forever, while we also want things to change with a quickness, be it in our own little microcosms, or in the world at large. Continue reading