The Beer List: Dogfish Head Namaste


Hello, beer lovers, and welcome back to another installment of The Beer List here at The No Seatbelt Blog! I’ve made it no secret here that I thoroughly love Belgian-style beers, and that I hold Dogfish Head in the highest of regards when it comes to breweries. As a result, I’m introducing you to one of my favorites from the Delaware-based brewery, and it goes by the moniker Namaste. 

Named after a common Indian salutation, this Belgian-style witbier is a light, refreshing brew that carries an agreeable balance of fruit flavor and spice. As labeled Namaste is brewed with dried organic orange slices and lemongrass, as well as peppercorns and coriander for the spice factor. When you’ve had your fair share of Belgian-style beers, you come to expect the smell and taste of Belgian wheat, the degree of which can vary depending on the brew and the fruit and spice combination the brewer opted to employ. As far as Namaste is concerned, Dogfish Head created quite a respectable beer. The fairly low 4.8% alcohol-by-volume level, the perfect carbonation, and a balanced fruit and spice flavor palette make this a highly drinkable brew if you’re planning on knocking back a few.

If you check out Namaste on Dogfish Head’s official website, the brewer offers food pairing recommendations for the witbier, including roasted turkey, Caesar salad, pasta with cream sauce, or goat cheese. I would definitely rock this beer with a Caesar salad, because Caesar salad is obviously the best salad. Namaste is a perfect beer for a spring or summer day, but it is available all year long in its distribution areas. This pleasant beer lives up to its name, a friendly greeting and valediction, remaining sweet and light as it comes and goes.

Keep coming back to The No Seatbelt Blog for new episodes of The Beer List each Sunday, as every beer drinker can use recommendations for awesome brews for football day! If you’ve had Namaste, leave a comment and tell me what you think! Thanks for reading! Cheers!

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