For Unlawful Carnal Composition: The Starting Line- “Bedroom Talk”


When a young Kenny Vasoli, bassist and lead singer of Pennsylvania pop-punk mainstays The Starting Line sang the words “I’m gonna tear your ass up like we just got married,” parents of the band’s teen and tween fans were sent into a seething rage. Granted, those lyrics, which led the chorus of “Bedroom Talk,” came from more than a bit out of left field when compared to the band’s previous writing. Vasoli snapped back, addressing a scathing letter to those self-righteous parents, asserting that it was more than perfectly reasonable for a 20-year old dude to have finally had sex, and then decided to sing about it in his rock band. I was a huge fan of The Starting Line throughout my college years, so I was privy to their lyrics about broken relationships, falling in love, and the general angst that becomes your companion as you grow up. Continue reading

For Unlawful Carnal Composition: Brand New- “Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades”


Hello, readers, and welcome to my brand new music series, “For Unlawful Carnal Composition,” which each week will examine, well, songs about sex. Sex and music go together like few other things, and what better way to explore the most basic human desire than through the magic of song? Continue reading