Freedom: The Line In The Sand


Freedom is a complex concept, defined by the individual, molded by their experience and learned worldview, and by its presence in their lives. It can be defined by a person’s place in the world, by their age, by their criminal history (or lack thereof), or simply by their perception of the basic rules of humanity. Freedom can be granted or taken away by any number of authority figures, such as parents, educators, or government officials.  In America, citizens are afforded many supposed freedoms – freedom of speech, freedom of religion, or the freedom to love who you choose, just to name a few. However, none of the freedoms bestowed upon us as citizens of the world are absolute, neither in theory nor in practice. A reasonable person might agree that any particular freedom is limited at the point where choices made in the name of it potentially endanger the safety or lives of others. The concept of freedom is interesting in this way, as many people perceive it to mean the lack of restraints, while in reality, all freedoms are restrained by the rule of law in order to prevent chaos. Continue reading