The Return of Ecto Cooler



The confluence of popular demand and fandom can be an inscrutably powerful thing. When two such forces come together, the decision-makers act, and the loyal get what they want. Anybody who grew up in the 1990’s and was even remotely nerdy remembers drinking and loving Ecto Cooler, the Ghostbusters-themed citrus drink made by the juice company Hi-C. The green-colored mixture of water and high-fructose corn syrup came in those ever-so-convenient juice boxes that you could throw in your lunch box, as well as in those large, not-so-convenient cans , the tops of which you had to puncture with one of those old-timey can openers.  Continue reading

The Soda Struggle

Soda being poured into glass with ice

My torrid love affair with bubbly, sugary soft drinks started early on during my formative years. I don’t have an addictive personality- I never became a smoker, my days of getting carried away with alcohol were mostly left behind after I graduated from college, and I never got bit by the gambling bug. However, soda is one thing that has always had a strong and unreasoning psychological grip on me. My parents, bless their hearts, tried to keep it under control. Once my two younger brothers and I started resisting milk, our parents would allow us to have soda at dinner time, and they tried to limit it to that, particularly our weekly Friday night pizza dinners. Before you question their parenting abilities, remember that it wasn’t their fault. Back in the 60’s, it seemed like just about everyone smoked cigarettes. They surely knew that smoking wasn’t good for them, but they obviously didn’t know just how bad it really was. The same can be said for soda back in the early 90’s. Any adult knew it wasn’t the best thing for their kids, but they couldn’t possibly imagine it would turn out to be the silent killer that is has been recently revealed to be. Soft drinks were easy to come by when I was a kid. My mom would buy 2-liter bottles for just 69 cents. My brothers and I would easily polish off one of those bottles during dinner. Continue reading